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I haven't posted in a long while.  Here is a selfie just to show I'm still lurking.

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I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!! 

Back seat adventure

My sweetie and I went out out last night with RF for drinks.  Plans were to get dinner afterwards, but we never quite made it there.  I was driving and RF and my wife were in the back.  I could see them making out in the rear view mirror for awhile but then they disappeared from sight.  There was quite a bit of moaning with a few "Oh God's" thrown in.

I later learned that RF came earlier than he expected, and unfortunately my sweetie felt a little ill afterwards from the effects of the drinks & motion.  Sometimes not everything goes as well as planned.... Next time I think we'll all be on terra firma!

Keep having fun everyone.  :)


RF was home alone for a few days last weekend and invited us to come over for some fun.

Over the last couple of years he has lightened up a little.  It used to be that after our "get  together" he would immediately have sever guilt and claim that "this will be the last time.  I just can't do it again."  But the last few times he hasn't said that.  And after this one he even mentioned something about "next time".  It's a good thing.

I would certainly enjoy getting together more often.  Right now, it has averaged maybe every 3-4 months with even longer stretches sometimes.  It is difficult because we have kids at home and, of course, he has a wife that doesn't know about our arrangement.  We need to be very careful.

He is still very sensitive.  He usually ends by cumming in my sweetie's mouth, but once she starts to blow him it is usually within a minute before he explodes. She says that anywhere besides his shaft is just way to sensitive - like fondling his balls or even rubbing his ass cheeks.

He makes up for this by giving my sweetie oral.  He really enjoys this and takes pride in his skills.  This time, with my wife laying on her stomach, he spanked her bottom a number of times before ordering her up on her knees.  He went down on his back and slid up between her legs and proceeded to bring her to orgasm with his tongue.  I had a good view and had her suck my cock while this was going on.  I gave her a few more good slaps on her ass also.

Before this occurred he had made out with her while I slowly fucked her pussy.  He was still clothed, my sweetie was completely naked, and I just had on my t-shirt.  He also enjoyed sucking on her most excellent nipples and breasts.

So I am glad that he doesn't seem to have too many hangups.  He doesn't have a problem giving her oral even after I had been fucking her (although if I had cum I think that would be a different story).  However, he did mention again, while we were still all clothed, that there was no need for touching cocks.  This means that one of us takes heads while the other gets tails.  He doesn't mind kissing her after she has sucked my cock either.

So after he brought her to orgasm with his mouth he undressed.  My wife pointed out later that he was "going commando".  We flipped her over on her back, and he moved up to have his cock addressed.  It's no wonder he doesn't last long - with all that foreplay and no touching I would be ultra sensitive, too.

But I was happy to fuck her again.  :)
She was super wet and slippery and I slid right in.  I lay across her at an angle so RF could have good access to her pretty mouth.  Also gave me a good view of her sucking him off.  Like I said, it wasn't long before he was cumming, and watching that along with fucking her was enough to get me off also.

It was a fun night.

Freaky Friday Foto

Yay it's Friday!  Don't get too freaky y'all, ok?

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Summer Solstice

Sweet - it's the longest day of the year!
So if my calculations are correct... that means that if I get a blowjob every hour today that would mean by the end of the day I will have had 24 blowjobs!  
Wow, I love summer solstice.  :)

Once a runner...

The local 3.5 mile Corporate Challenge was last night.  Still hurts me when I think about not being able to run.  I never thought my body would give up on me before my mind.  I suppose that is how it usually is in life.

Kinda funny though, there was a picture about the race on the cover of the paper and I was in it.  Picture was taken back in 2009.

Over due post

Ah, ok - so it's been awhile since I posted...
Been very busy.  Unfortunately, not any opportunities for RF time.   We have gone out a couple of times for drinks after work, and last time we discussed mff scenarios.  RF is very interested in seeing two females get together.  He says he wouldn't even have to participate - just being in the room watching would be enough for him.  lol

My sweetie says she would be willing to do a mff, but the trick is finding the right person.  And, of course, unless it is a mmff that leaves either RF and I out.  In a mff you would think it would make sense for me to be involved instead of RF, but that could bring up jealousy issues.  With RF there would be none of that.   I said as long as they took pictures or video, and I could see it later, I would be ok with it.

Probably never happen.  But then, I never thought I would be in a threesome either...


Lonely weekend

My sweetie is out of town this weekend, and it's been about a week since we've "done" anything.  I told her I didn't know if I could make it until she got back.  She said if I needed to take care of things I should do that on Friday so I'd be ready for her when she got back.  So I promised to send her a picture if I did anything.  ;)

Hmmm, perhaps I'll post it here, too....

Good times

RF and my sweetie having a good time.  Picture taken from my cell phone.

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